HI All,

It’s been a while since I have written, trust that you are all well!

The FIS has recently published guidelines for event organizers that is a good read.   https://assets.fis-ski.com/image/upload/v1592389756/fis-prod/assets/FIS_Guidelines_for_Event_Organisers_finale.pdf

As we progress towards fall and the 2020-21 season,  there will be a good amount of direction from the FIS and U.S. Ski & Snowboard on how we deal with this current situation and how to proceed.   There are some great concepts contained in the FIS document that may change the way we process some tasks beyond the settling of this virus.  Considering this document is mainly focused on World Cup, there are still many questions to consider for our regional FIS racing and domestic events that will need to be addressed.

The TD updates are still being considered as “in person” events until a final decision can be made on whether it could be possible.  Doug Campbell and I will meet @ July 1st to discuss  and again August 1st if a decision can’t be made.  We will keep you informed as decisions are made.

Enjoy the summer months and stay well.

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Paul Van Slyke

FIS TD Commissioner

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