Hi Everyone,

I wish to thank all of you than have been working events thus far this season.  It sure has been a challenge to get these events going and now it seems to be settling into some great races throughout the country.   As with everything related to our current enviro,  we have had many changes to the FIS Calendar.  Please keep in touch with your regional FIS Coordinator to stay on top of these  changes and help fill in where you can.  As previously noted, without a certified Alpine FIS TD, the events must be canceled.

Additionally, I wish to point out a few omissions that many of you have left out on the TD Reports.     In many locations we are running multiple events in one day, sometimes as many as four if there are two genders present.  This creates a good deal of paperwork  at the end of the day.  It is important to get this work completed in a timely fashion though it is also important for this work to be completed accurately and completely. 

Examples of missing information;  gender, name of flags used, name of flex poles used, first aid adequate (when you don’t click yes, it populates with “no”).  

If for some reason your report is not working properly and you can’t add this information, be sure to include it in the remarks section of the report.  We did have an issue earlier this season where the athlete name would not stay populated when chosen in the injury section.   The TD assigned to this event with this issue was asked to include the injured athlete in the remarks, I called Janez, he informed FIS IT and the problem was solved.  Thus, if you have issues, please communicate them to me.

Again, thank you for your efforts and let me know if you have any questions.

Paul Van Slyke
FIS TD Commissioner